Edition: March 2021

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By: Chuy Ramirez

Upon graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1950, Jesse Trevino would spend three years in the U.S. Army prior to returning to his hometown of Alice, Texas, to teach school for one year.  He would marry soon thereafter and he and his new bride, Mary Lou, would end up in McAllen, Texas.  Mary Lou, a pharmacist, and Jesse, owner of an insurance firm, retired a few years back.


By: Alfredo Santos

During the heyday of the Chicano Movement (1962-1978), school walkouts were organized to disrupt what MAYO (Mexican American Youth Organization) activists called “the ongoing mis-education of Chicano students.” [1] From Los Angeles, California to the Rio Grande Valley, in deep South Texas, public schools exploded with protest activity as students poured out of classes …

By:  Chuy Ramirez

Chuy Ramirez sits down to talk with Alfredo Santos.

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Reviewed By:Trinidad Gonzales

Juan Gomez Quinones’s two-volume political history, Roots of Chicano Politics and Chicano Politics: Reality & Promise, 1940-1990, represent a history of ethnic Mexican political ideologies and participation from the Spanish colonial era to 1990.  A foundational historian of Chicano History, and one of its most prolific and highly respected scholars…

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Alfredo Santos
This month's Legacy Interview is Alfredo Santos. Learn more about his life by reading his in-depth interview.

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By: Alvaro Huerta, PhD


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