Guernica is Reclaimed by Rockefeller

by: Chuy Ramirez
Posted: March 20, 2021

Pablo Picasso refused to sell his iconic moralistic portrayal of the Nazi and Spanish fascists’ bombardment of the City of Guernica, in April 26, 1937, to former New York Governor, Nelson Rockefeller.  In 1955,  Rockefeller had  a tapestry of the painting woven and in 1984 he loaned it to the United Nations Security Council where the tapestry hung until February, 2021 when Rockefeller’s son retrieved the tapestry.  Picasso’s oil painting is displayed at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

Watch: Pablo Picasso - Guernica (1937)
Chuy Ramirez is an attorney practicing law in the Rio Grande Valley since 1983, and dabbles in writing.

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