Interview: Jose Garza and Rolando Rios

With the decennial redistricting process underway for  the purpose of drawing new congressional and state legislative district lines, we share a timely interview of two of the leading voting rights litigators in the country. Jose Garza and Rolando Rios of San Antonio, Texas give us some hope that litigation options still remain to challenge restrictive …

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Interview – Armando Rendon, California author & publisher, Part 1

Armando Rendon is a former California journalist, chicano activist, novelist, essayist and of late, co-founder of a digital publisher, Rendon spent the first 10 years of his life  growing up in San Antonio’s westside, which serves as a setting for one of his novels.  During the early to mid-1960s, Rendon would have a life-changing …

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Leo Montalvo

Leo Montalvo served as city commissioner for the City of McAllen, Texas for 20 years before being elected the first Mexican American mayor of that City.  In this interview he recalls his family immigrating to Texas when he was a young boy and not knowing a lick of English.  Montalvo would be placed in the …

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In Memoriam: Susan Law

  Susan Law did not look well as she stood in line along with my wife, Aida, and others waiting for the clinic to open its doors. “I’m in severe pain,” she said.  “I hope the doctor can do surgery on my gall bladder. I take Ibuprofen every night.”  Ibuprofen is one of the many pain …

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Interview: Rosa Martha Zarate Macias

A former nun disenchanted with her superiors pursues a path aimed at improving the lives of others less fortunate.  In part, that break with a strong tradition arises from a faith that liberation theology may provide answers that tradition may not.  Rosa Martha Zarate Macias tells of finding a place in the farmworkers’ labor movement …

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