La Jornada de Joaquin

A novel in English and Spanish suitable for advanced dual language instruction   A PARTIR DE LA DÉCADA dos mil, una serie de recuerdos de su infancia y de su adolencia inducen a Joaquín a regresar a Michigan y a los campos de fresas. Se supone que la atracción al protagonista, Joaquín, en su jornada …

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Manda Marries the Wetback

Vignettes from Strawberry Fields On her sixty-ninth birthday, Nina recounted to Joaquin how Manda and Benancio had met, on a particularly humid, sweaty Saturday in south Texas. As Manda tended store at the corn mill and kept an eye out for young Nina, the lyrics of a tune gravitated to her, playing in her brain, …

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Morning Serenade

Vignettes from Strawberry Fields      Joaquin walked sheepishly from the dark hallway into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.  The coffee pot was boiling and sputtering. “Ay m’ijo (oh, son), go back to sleep.  Did the coffee pot wake you?” Manda’s wooden rolling pin rhythmically flattened out a flour tortilla.  Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.   Her forward …

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